There is a revolution underway in the global food system - and it's about time.

The current method of factory farming meat, eggs, and dairy presents several challenges in the form of climate change, food insecurity, antibiotic resistance, and animal welfare. It's time to ask the question: How will we feed 9.7 billion people worldwide - one-sixth of whom will be Indian - through systems which are more healthy, sustainable, and humane? 

Alternatives to conventional meat are poised to capture nearly a third of the global protein market in the next few decades. These foods are of two main types: plant-based meats, which are comprised of plant ingredients but look, taste, and feel like conventional meat from animals, and clean meat, which is produced by taking a small sample of animal cells and replicating them outside of the animal. In India, these foods offer immense promise to nourish our population, create industrial jobs, and increase farmers’ incomes.

Want to learn more about this pathbreaking sector? Join us for a day of high-impact conversations about the Future of Protein, co-hosted by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Humane Society International/India, and the Good Food Institute. As a collaboration among two mission-based nonprofits, and a world-class academic research institute with a biotechnology incubation centre, the event will facilitate critical connections among current and future leaders of this sector. You’ll learn from renowned  policymakers, pioneering scientists, and innovative entrepreneurs from around India and all over the world, and be inspired by the opportunities offered by the new food revolution.