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Our food system is currently grappling with monumental challenges that require urgent intervention. In India, malnutrition and farmers’ incomes are vital issues along with the risk of greenhouse gas emissions and water shortages from rising industrial animal agriculture. If we want to sustainably feed a billion plus Indians, it is imperative that we focus on innovative solutions to these challenges. We want to accelerate the transformation of our food system by fostering innovation in plant-based and cultivated meat, eggs and dairy. The endeavour is to re-imagine protein to feed a billion plus Indians in a sustainable, healthy and just manner.

The Future of Protein Summit aims to bring together the key stakeholders in business, innovation, scientific research and policy to transform how we make our food. This event is hosted jointly by the Good Food Institute and Humane Society International/ India.

Why Upgrade Protein?


According to the World Bank, 45% of children in India suffer from stunted growth and at least 75% are deficient in vital nutrients.

farmers’ welfare

India has a wealth of natural bio-diversity and several indigenous crops like millets, pulses, ragi and chick-peas.

Environmental issues

Industrial animal agriculture contributes significantly to climate change, pollutes our air and water and uses a tremendous amount of land, water and other precious natural resources.

Animal welfare

The production of meat, dairy and eggs causes immense animal suffering.

Antimicrobial resistance & zoonotic diseases

70% of India’s antibiotics are given to farm animals.


The event will bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, policy makers, investors, leading plant-based and cultivated meat companies, and other experts to discuss how they can collaborate on catalyzing the Indian alternative protein sector. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative future-forward solution, and joining the revolution, this event is for you!

Key Takeaways

Gain unique business insights for advancing the alternative protein sector

Learn more about the scope for scientific innovation

Network with the sector's game-changers

Learn of the latest policy developments in the sector globally and in India


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